The Infamous Middle Finger

The chaos hugged me
Like the sunlight hugs my shoulders in mid July,
the feeling was warmer on the inside, almost like the warmth butterflies give you, yeah, butterflies, and ones that never slept
Bad things? What is the life you lead if you let the bad things see you?
Not a life at all
I cannot control my body as my mind controls it, I am at a disconnect. A distance from the almighty truth that we are here to enjoy the show and at the end of it there is no standing ovation
The sparkles I breathe in tickle my throat and tell my brain to forget these sad details
There are no more sparkles, or pixie dust. Just a repetition of events, neither unfortunate or outstanding
The flaws the almighty god the love the distance the time the sparkles the butterflies
They mean nothing.


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Florence and the Machine

FATM makes me want to kill myself and slaughter everyone along with me… but at the same time makes me want to live my life soooo large. All the feels. Omg. 


"I wept for the state of this world. A world of lies. A world that makes promises it cannot keep"
American Horror Story Coven: Episode 12 Go To Hell (January 22, 2014) dir. Alfonso Gomez-Rejon

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- what would you do if i died today?
 - i’d die tomorrow


I Killed My Mother (it’s a french film)
I’m back!

I got my new computer guys. So I’m back! You’ll be seeing my posts again lol.